About CORPluS

CORPluS seeks to advance the work and goals established by Peace Corps Bulgaria and to help fill the void its departure will leave. Building on the 20 plus years of projects, resources, relationships and knowledge, CORPluS will maintain Peace Corps Bulgaria’s values and uphold its mission aimed at:

  1. Diversifying English language education,
  2. Promoting leadership development,
  3. Developing professional skills of individuals, organizations and communities throughout Bulgaria.

CORPluS provides people, knowledge, connections and relationships – Bulgarians poised to do more good things in Bulgaria. Beyond the numerous programs and resources developed by Peace Corps Bulgaria over the years, the CORPluS team offers strong working relationships with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Water; the National Association of Municipalities; a vast network of partner organizations, schools and communities throughout the country; strong and solid experience in project management, training design, program facilitation and event planning and implementation.

CORPluS believes that Bulgaria’s future lies in the untapped potential of individuals, both young and old. Greater opportunities open up through innovative ideas and educational and development programs designed to encourage people to dream, achieve and inspire.

The purpose of CORPluS is to respond to the continued needs in Bulgarian communities: to support the efforts of Bulgarian teachers by introducing innovative practices within the classroom and through extracurricular activities; to empower young people by providing opportunities for personal development through camps and workshops; and to help build the administrative and economic capacity of Bulgarian communities through the exchange of ideas, resources, skilled personnel, professional training programs and civil initiatives.

Keeping a strong eye on the guiding principles that led to the creation of many Peace Corps projects, the initial focus in the transition will be to keep the current momentum and provide a strong foundation for sustainability of a few key projects. Long term, the focus will expand to include the implementation of additional programs and projects, aligned with the CORPluS mission.

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